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Federn und Asche
Ich lieg in deinem Arm, schau zu dir hinauf
Gibst mir zu erkennen, dass du mich nicht mehr brauchst
Raubst den Rest meiner Kraft, denn du hast noch nicht genug
Lässt mich dann wieder fallen und wünscht mir einen guten Flug

people think cullen is creepy but i think they forget that it is us, the cullen fans who are creepier than cullen was ever rumored to be

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i keep forgetting that it’s called “Free marches” and not “free marshes”

I still read it like “free marshes” in my head every time

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i always forget that Fenris doesn’t speak ferelden/free-marcher/whatever-common-tongue-they-speak-in-the-south natively

his native language is Tevine

bro speaks south-thedas AND a bit of qunari ANd can recite facts about the history of the tevinter imperium and the qunari religion and the andrastean mythos and so much other crap and all that without being able to read

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why the fuck would you get a tattoo of the name of the person you’re dating

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to be honest I’m not even worried about the ending? like the ending in da2 happened no matter what route you took, the ending in origins pretty much had the same end no matter what you did… so… I’m not really upset about any of that, as long as the ending is good, no matter whether i can change the outcome or not.

I play games for their story and dragon age especially, but I’m more excited about the new features and gameplay and characters and overarching story than the ending. I’m just glad you can play and do other things after you beat the main story, because that’s all I ever wanted from other DA games really.

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mom: are you still crying about horns and hair being on the same slider

me: *muffled sobs* of course not


Do you think their combined weight is over 20lbs?

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The Dwellings by Ellie Davies

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They already cleared that it won't be 40 endings. It will be like, 3 or 4 different endings for Inquisition with about 40 variables to it. Similar to all those slides from the ME extended cut, you know? Like if you cured the krogan or not, broke peace with geth and quarians or not, etc. And I'm really sorry to say, but I'm pretty sure they said Zevran won't show up in Inquisition, his voice actor will do male Inquisitor however. Alistair is confirmed though.



welp. that’s it. i’mma cry. this is gonna be exactly like Mass Effect 3 isn’t it? DAMN EA FOR BUYING OUT BIOWARE.
i knew Alistair was confirmed, I was just hoping for a good Zevran cameo as well. I guess it’s time to face the fact that nothing is ever going to measure up to Origins.

I don’t think you can blame EA for the end of mass effect, they might own it but they didn’t ultimately write it.

There are different writing teams for both series so you can’t really judge one game by the other. Different groups of people made them.

just adding my thoughts: maybe the point is, no matter what you do some things can’t be changed. and we get a lot of other choices at least… Idk I’m not going to complain about it before I’ve even played the game.

Also Alistair ? Fuck yeshsss

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Imagine your icon sending you sexy selfies.

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Okay but take a minute imagine the DAII companions in Halloween (or the Thedas equivalent of Halloween) costumes.


  • Hawke with coloured paper squares stuck onto some old long underwear, dragon tail, ears and snout included and held on with twine. Hawke spends the whole day with a smile plastered across their face.
  • Hawke also makes matching tail, snout and ears for their Mabari, Hawke calls him ‘their little Drake’.
  • Anders wrapped head to toe in old ripped and stained bandages because that’s all he can afford, but he really wants to join in the festivities. The bandages eventually fall off, but then he begins to cast little spells for the kids, making stars and spirits dance before their eyes.
  • Isabela wears her normal day-to-day clothes but adds a hook-hand and an eyepatch to the ensemble and tries to pass herself off as an ‘erotic pirate’. She joked that she’d be a desire demon, but she didn’t have the horns to pull it off. She thinks the Arishok would look great, though.
  • Aveline dresses up just like her name-sake, polishes her best armour and dons the helmet, happily surprising all the little girls in Kirkwall as they discover that the scary, mean-looking Knight is in fact a lovely woman who is sworn to protect them, armed only with sweets.
  • Varric laughs and says that Hawke is becoming so legendary that he should just dress up like Hawke. And that’s exactly what he does. He spends all day trying to speak in a very poor attempt at Hawke’s voice, taking on all their mannerisms and spreading ridiculous rumours about Hawke’s various escapades. Varric thinks it’s hilarious, Hawke does not. But Hawke loves him for it regardless.
  • Fenris is reluctant to the whole idea at first, it seems like a waste of time. But after some convincing and joking from the others, he finds himself standing in the street in an old sheet with some eye-holes cut out. The people that see him in the street swear that the ‘ghost’ they’re looking at really does glow, in small pulses, evenly timed, a sliver of humour present in his voice as they talk to him while it happens.
  • Merrill embraces her Dalish roots, dressing up as one of the Creators, Sylaise: The Hearthkeeper. None of the children know who she is supposed to be, but she tells them the tales with such enthusiasm that the children remember the story and tell their friends about Sylaise - and how she gave fire and healing - the next day.
  • Sebastian doesn’t go with the others - he hasn’t gotten involved in this for years - he instead sits in the Chantry and prays, but childhood memories come through in waves. Images of a happy little boy that was given love and sweets and praise - at least for that day.

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